I received your issue in the mail yesterday, and was wondering how that even happened! It is absolutely beautiful, and I can see that our philosophies are very aligned, and our work complementary. I’m so glad you’re also doing your part to spread information, inspiration and support about peaceful and respectful parenting!

Kate Pina

I have already received at least two issues of the magazine. It’s really well-done.

Virgie Schultz

Holistic Prarenting Magazine is one of few magazines with resources that relate to my style of parenting. I love reading it and gaining validation for my parenting choices that I don’t get in many other places!

Gloria Kirk

Every issue is so beautifully put together that I’m convinced you possess publishing wizardry.

Sydney R. Hall

The magazine is great. And the best part about it is that none of the topics you cover make people feel bad. Having a homebirth is great, but your magazine never says you have to. You even feature parents who have circumcised their sons and later regretted it without portraying them as evil parents. It’s a fine line with all of these topics. Even the UC groups ban circumcision and vaccines because people get so worked up over them. I think it’s awesome that you don’t shy away from controversy. And I’m sure your other readers appreciate that too.

Jamie J. Bell

Oh my goodness my heart is exploding!!!!! Sooooo beautiful to see my photograph being used on the front cover of your gorgeous magazine AND to be of my family is just double excitement! So excited and honored to see my work on a US cover.

Lilia Brown