HPM – Issue 1

Check out the topics we’re discussing in this Issue:

The Impact of Pornography on Birthing Women

by Cheryl Calhoun

Surviving your Baby’s Life-Saving Surgery

by Ruth Orourke

Building Strong Bones by Engaging the Nourishment and Energy of Homeopathy

by Joann  Meier

Diaper Free Baby

by Joann Meier

Two Key Elements in Homeschooling/Unschooling

by Joanne  Brown

Parent: Singular, Past, Perfect, Progressive

by Nancy McDonald

Challenges and Joys of Loving, Parenting, and Healing a Child Beyond the Spectrum

by Yvonne Hegarty

Setting Healthy Boundaries Through Breastfeeding

by Colleen Cullen

Wyatt’s Gentle Birth Story

by Ruth  Dunklin