HPM - Issue 9

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HPM - Issue 9

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Check out the topics we’re discussing in this Issue:

Natural Breastfeeding for an Easier Start
by Nancy Mohrbacher

Experiential Learning
by Peter Bergson

A Naturally Beautiful Summer
by Sara Sites and Katie Reeves

Moon Lodges
by Kathryn Cardinal

Natural Ideas for Children's Birthday Parties
by Ayelet Connell-Giammatteo

Sharing is Caring?
by Margaux Khoury

Choose What You Wear
by Hailey Rose

Boys and Dolls
by Laura Whalen

Raising a Healthy Child
by Michael Belkin

The Art of Being Nana
by Sande Irwin

by Tawhii Porter

She's a New Girl
by Kristi Mackey

The Birth Story of Buzz Falcon
by Warren McCarty

Do and Learn Projects–Paper Pulp
with Jenny Knuth

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