HPM - Issue 3

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HPM - Issue 3

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Check out the topics we're discussing in this Issue:

How Motherhood Saved my Life

by Sara Sites

Get the VBAC you Want: 8 tips for success!

by Shawna Bodine

Birthing the Future

Exclusive interview with Suzanne Arms

Celebrating Doulas

by Amy Wright Glenn

Life Goes On

by Karina Wetherbee

The Importance of Ancestral Knowledge in the Modern World

by Neal Ritter

The Fourth Trimester

by Gladis Rubio and Emily Seelig-R

Homeopathic for Positive Grieving

by Ellen Lanham Dart

Seeking Community for our Families

 by Kristi Mackey

MidSummer Day Merriment–Celebrating the Summer Solstice

by Kim Corrigan-Oliver

Dying for a Clean Home

by Krista Meyers

Our Perfect healing Homebirth

by Sarah Grounds

Summer Begins: A Flower Wreath and Boats for Exploring

by Jenny Knuth

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