HPM - Issue 10

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HPM - Issue 10

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Check out the topics we're discussing in this issue:

Applying Continuum Concept Principles to Modern Day Living

by Eliane Sainte-Marie

The Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project

by Leilani Rogers

Reaching for the Moon–moving beyond the "facts of life"

by Lucy Pearce

Declining Vaccines–now what?

by Jessica Rios

Travel Schooling: an educational adventure

by Krista Meyers

The Blended Family

by Tiffany Alberts

Love in Birth

by Mindy Galamaga

Cultivating a Global Citizen

by Corrine Garcia

Breastfeeding Twins

by Katie Reeves

The Fun Theory

by Laura Grace Weldon

Siblings: joined at the heart

by Sara Sites

The Homebirth of Travis and Harris

by Katie Reeves


Milk Charms


with Jenny Knuth

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